Play against schools across the country

Rookly's online chess league will enable schools across the country to compete against each other. Students will be able to play during lunch, afterschool, and even in the evenings - all with a tournament director supervising every game.

Kids playing chess online with teacher supervision

How it Works

Students playing chess online with teacher supervision

All games will take place on the Rookly platform, which integrates video into the chessboard to make competition immersive. Students will be able to seamlessly login with a link tied to their Rookly account. No software needs to be downloaded - all that’s needed is a device (iPad, laptop, Chromebook) and a solid internet connection.


Calendar with chess pieces

Students can play as frequently as they would like. Subscription to the league gives access to all the tournaments. We can also schedule matches against peer schools and add more times for convenience.

Build Confidence

Rookly founders as kids on a chess team

Becoming a chess champion in sixth grade changed our self-esteem and sense of academic ability. Our vision for the league is to create a space for all students - who knows, the next champion might be in your classroom!

Frequently Asked Questions